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Crowns & Teeth Whitening

Malia’s aging dentistry didn’t match her youthful appearance. Replacing old crowns and overall whitening gave Malia a camera-ready smile she needed for her new TV job. “I wouldn’t have had the confidence without Spektor Dental’s amazing work on my smile,” she said.



Teeth Whitening

Warren’s teeth were gray from antibiotic treatment. When his son asked why he didn’t smile much, he decided to do something about it. His Bellevue dentist at Spektor Dental recommended KöR Whitening and deep bleaching. “It worked beautifully and just in time for my son’s Bar Mitzvah photos,” Warren said.



Veneers & Crown Lengthening

As an elected official and firefighter in King County, public speaking is a part of Gabe’s life. When he realized his smile was affecting his confidence, he chose Spektor Dental for a smile makeover. Crown lengthening and veneers improved and brightened his formerly ‘gummy’ smile. “It made me more confident in public speaking,” Gabe said. “I feel more positive. I smile more often now, and people smile back.”



Veneers & Crown Lengthening

Kirsten’s teeth were worn and shortened from grinding, and a chipped front tooth broke repeatedly. Her Bellevue cosmetic dentist at Spektor Dental advised crown lengthening and veneers as a more permanent solution. “I now have a worry-free smile, and I know it looks better than ever,” Kirsten said.



Conservative Cosmetic Dentistry

Jen had root canals and crowns on her two front teeth due to a childhood bicycle accident. She was also dissatisfied with how small her other teeth were in comparison. The initial plan was to proceed with crown lengthening and eight veneers. However, crown lengthening results with Bellevue periodontic specialist Dr. Michael Spektor were so spectacular, that only the two front teeth required updated crowns; additional veneers were no longer needed. “I no longer dread having my picture taken,” Jen said. “This sounds really small, but it isn’t.”



Single Visit Bonding

Clayton loved extreme sports and had dental injuries over the years to prove it. “All my front teeth were chipped and bonded one by one over the years. They were all discolored, and nothing matched,” he said. Single-visit bonding vastly improved Clayton’s smile – no veneers necessary!

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