Gum Grafts

Bellevue, Newcastle & Medina, WA

Gum grafts

Gum grafts, also called gingival or soft tissue grafts, are procedures to cover exposed tooth roots or to increase thin gum tissue – conditions caused by periodontal disease or excessive brushing. Gum grafts may also be performed for cosmetic reasons.

What are gum grafts for?

Gum grafts can:

  • Help prevent further gum recession by providing firmer gum tissue
  • Reduce sensitivity to hot and cold foods on exposed roots
  • Help protect roots from decay
  • Enhance your smile by improving the aesthetics or look of your gum line
Care instructions for gum grafts

Mouth tissue tends to heal fairly quickly, but it is critical to follow post-surgical instructions exactly. Most importantly, do not disturb the graft site in any way for the first 3 days (including no brushing). Dr. Michael Spektor and his Bellevue periodontics team will thoroughly review all instructions with you.

For a thorough periodontal evaluation, ask for a referral to periodontist Dr. Michael Spektor or call (425) 454-1322.