Surgical Care

Bellevue, Newcastle & Medina, WA

Surgical periodontal therapy

If periodontal disease has progressed, we can provide surgical procedures to help restore your oral health. We also offer cosmetic surgical procedures to help improve your smile. We work in close communication with your general dentist to ensure the best possible results.

  • Pocket reduction surgery to reduce the space between the tooth and the gum when deep cleaning is not enough
  • Bone graft surgery to build up missing jaw bone and help regrow bone around teeth
  • Surgery to regenerate (regrow) soft tissue gum grafts
  • Implants to replace missing teeth
  • Crown lengthening to reshape gum tissue to increase exposed tooth surface
    • Functional crown lengthening: To prepare for crown placement or other restorative dentistry
    • Cosmetic crown lengthening: To reduce a “gummy” smile
  • Ridge augmentation (build up hard or soft tissue) fills indentations left by missing teeth to restore the natural contour of the gum and jaw bone

Ask your general dentist about a referral to Bellevue periodontist Dr. Michael Spektor, or call (425) 454-1322.