Dental Trauma

Bellevue, Newcastle & Medina, WA

Dental trauma – emergency dental care

Our Bellevue family dentistry includes dental trauma care. If you chip or break a tooth, our Spektor Dental team of skilled dentists can often repair the tooth using cosmetic bonding or other methods if needed.

If you or your child chips a tooth:

  • If the chip is large, soak the chip in milk and call us for an appointment to bond it back.
  • If the chip is just a sliver or is missing, call for an appointment. We can still repair the tooth.

If a permanent tooth gets knocked out:

  • If you are comfortable and know how the tooth goes in, rinse it off and place it back in the socket and call your dentist or oral surgeon, or go to a hospital emergency room.
  • If you are not comfortable, you can soak the tooth in milk and immediately call your dentist or oral surgeon, or go to a hospital emergency room for help.

If a baby tooth gets knocked out or partially knocked out:

  • Do not attempt to replace the tooth.
  • See your healthcare provider or go to the hospital emergency room.

If a permanent tooth is partially knocked out:

  • Check to see if the patient (you or your child) can close and bite down comfortably.
  • See your healthcare provider as you can.
before chipped tooth
after chipped tooth

Call our Spektor Dental team with your questions or concerns regarding dental trauma. We make time for our patients’ emergencies. Call (425) 454-1322.