Dental Implants

Cosmetic dental implants

Dental implants are one option for replacing missing teeth. They can restore the look, feel and function of your original teeth.

Missing teeth can detract from your smile and make chewing or talking more difficult. Our goal is to help you keep your own teeth, but if you are missing teeth, dental implants may provide a viable option.

Implants are set into your own jaw, so they provide structural support to the gum tissue and bone. When our highly skilled team of Bellevue cosmetic dentists and Bellevue periodontist Dr. Michael Spektor performs the procedure, the result is a natural looking smile and renewed confidence. You will be able to enjoy foods you avoided before, and find yourself smiling naturally and speaking more clearly.

Dental implant surgery

Dental implants require two separate steps:

  • Your periodontist will surgically implant a titanium fixture (screw) in the jaw bone. After a period of healing, the fixture will fuse with the living bone in your jaw. A titanium post can then be attached to the fixture.
  • Your general dentist will place a cosmetic crown over the post.
Spektor Dental offers dental implants in one convenient Bellevue location

We offer periodontic surgery and general and cosmetic dental services in one Bellevue WA dental office for your convenience. This proximity helps ensure the highest levels of care coordination and reduces time and stress for our patients.


Regain your confident smile with dental implants that look
and function like your own natural teeth.

Not everyone is a candidate for implants. Bellevue periodontist Dr. Michael Spektor can discuss available options and the risks and benefits of each to help you make an informed decision about your care. Call Dr. Michael Spektor today to learn whether an implant might be an option for you: (425) 454-1322.