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Impacted Wisdom Teeth
Bellevue, WA

A woman with impacted wisdom teeth holding her cheek at Spektor Dental in Bellevue, WAWisdom teeth are the last set of teeth to erupt. They are known as the third molars as they complete our adult teeth set. Some people may see them, while they may not even erupt for other people. Normally, at the age they eventually grow, most people already have their jaw well-adjusted to the already sprouted teeth in their mouth. Oftentimes, this makes them impacted. Our professionals at Spektor Dental treat impacted wisdom teeth for patients to improve their oral health.

What Are Impacted Wisdom Teeth?

When a wisdom tooth does not have enough space to erupt through the gums, it gets stuck underneath the gums completely or partially. Such teeth are referred to as impacted wisdom teeth. As they are the last set of teeth that may not appear, they may pose a series of problems for patients. They are much more susceptible to decay and bacteria attacks because they are hidden. Since they do not receive hygienic care like the visible teeth do, they may lead to serious dental issues.

What Are Symptoms Of Impacted Wisdom Teeth?

Some patients may not experience symptoms from an impacted wisdom tooth. But, since they are underneath the gum line, they can get infected and this infection will raise symptoms. You may notice some signs such as bad breath or a nasty taste in your mouth. Your gums in that area may appear abnormally red, or even become swollen. Infected wisdom teeth also cause serious pain in the jaw, while making it difficult to open the mouth. Your gums may feel tender or even bleed. These symptoms may disappear quickly, but once they reappear frequently, they are signs that you should let our professionals take a look at your teeth.

How To Diagnose An Impacted Wisdom Tooth

While the symptoms may get you speaking to our professionals, our team can also find impacted wisdom teeth without any symptoms. We will examine your teeth, and take an x-ray of your mouth to determine the placement of the wisdom teeth. This x-ray will help us understand how impacted the wisdom teeth may be and the effect on surrounding teeth and bone.

How Are Impacted Wisdom Teeth Treated?

The best way to treat a wisdom tooth that is impacted is through a tooth extraction. It is usually a quick procedure, where you will be placed under local anesthesia to make you comfortable. Since our professionals have determined the position of the impacted tooth, we will proceed to create a tiny incision above the tooth in your gums. If it sits in a complicated position, we may need to cut the tooth into small pieces for easy removal.

After that, the incision will be sealed and you will have gauze placed on the surgical wound. Following the procedure, you will have to refrain from spitting or rinsing your mouth to ensure that the blood clot formed will be intact. In a few days, your incision should be healing fine, and you may require a couple of checks with our professionals to ensure that all is healing as it should.

Refusing to remove impacted wisdom teeth may result in damage to your other teeth, disruption in teeth alignment, and even gum disease. You can prevent all of these by speaking to our professionals at Spektor Dental today, just call us at (425) 247-3629 to schedule a consultation.

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You can prevent damage from impacted wisdom teeth by getting them removed by the professionals at Spektor Dental. Just call us today to schedule a consultation.
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