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Dental Exams
Bellevue, WA

Smiling woman in waiting room at Spektor Dental before her dental exam We get it. Exams are never fun. For some people, merely saying the word “exam” is enough to send shivers down their spines. However, did you know that dental exams can be life-saving? They absolutely can be. Dental exams can not only save your dental life; they can also save your actual life. Give Spektor Dental a minute to explain the sheer importance of dental exams.

Why Do I Need A Dental Exam? I Feel Fine.

One of the most important things you need to know about dental exams is that they are made to find problems in your mouth before they start to hurt you. When your mouth starts to hurt, that is never a good thing. For example, you are missing a spot on one of your teeth when you are brushing. That spot eventually shows signs of tooth decay.

If you are getting regular dental exams, we will be able to spot the tooth decay and fix it promptly. If you aren't getting exams, the tooth decay will continue, and a cavity will bore a hole in your tooth enamel. Eventually, it will get down to the pulp and nerves of your tooth, which is extremely painful. When that happens, we may have to remove your tooth pulp - which is called a root canal. We might even have to remove the tooth.

Not only can we spot signs of tooth decay during a dental exam, we can also spot gum disease before it becomes severe. In the preliminary stages of gum disease, your gums become red and inflamed. Over time, the disease gets worse, and your gums can get infected. If we do a dental exam, we can begin treatment quickly, before the condition becomes painful, and you begin to lose gum tissue.

We can also spot oral cancer through dental exams. We can find oral cancer before it begins to hurt, which means that you can get treatment quickly. The more quickly we can find a problem, the more likely you are to survive oral cancer.

What Happens During an Exam?

A dental exam is practically painless. We will first have a general look at your teeth, gums, mouth structures, face, and neck. This is so we can look for problems. Believe it or not, even facial swelling can tell us that there is a problem. After we do a general look in your mouth, we also take x-rays of your mouth. This can help us spot potential trouble as well.

We will then examine your teeth and mouth one more time after cleanings, but when your teeth are at their shiniest. If we notice a problem with your mouth, we may do additional testing. For example, if we notice a spot or a bump on your mouth, we may have you rinse with blue dye so we can shine a light in your mouth to look for abnormalities that might signify a problem. We might also probe your teeth and gums to check for tooth decay and gum disease. All of our examinations are aimed at making sure your mouth is as healthy as possible. If you have questions about a dental exam, give Spektor Dental a call at (425) 247-3629.

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A dental exam can improve your oral health and your holistic health. Call Spektor Dental for the best holistic health practitioners for dental exams in Bellevue!
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