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How to Prevent Dry Socket

Posted on 5/23/2022 by Spektor Dental
How to Prevent Dry SocketHave you ever heard about a dry socket in the mouth? A blood clot forms at the site of extraction to protect the bone and nerve endings inside the socket when a tooth is pulled. If the blood clot does not form or dissolves before healing, it causes a dry socket.

Symptoms of A Dry Socket

The signs of a dry socket are, excess pain a few days after tooth pulling, loss of blood clot at the site of extraction, bad taste in your mouth, bad breath, a visible bone in the socket. A pain coming from your socket to your ear, neck, eye or temple on the side that had a tooth pulled.

Risk Factors

Chemicals from the use of tobacco and smoking products can slow down or stop the healing process. As well as the use of contraceptives can interfere with the healing process due to high estrogen levels.

If you do not follow instructions given by the dentist after an extraction procedure, you risk having a dry socket. If you had an infection around the tooth before extraction or have it after the extraction, you are likely to have a dry socket.

How to Prevent a Dry Socket

You can do this before an extraction to prevent dry socket. Look for a trained dentist with experience on tooth extraction.

Quit smoking before the procedure if you can. Tobacco products can cause a dry socket. Let the dentist know if you are under any medication or supplements.

The dentist will prescribe a mouthwash and medication depending on the problem you are treating. After surgery, avoid strenuous activities, drink a lot of water and avoid caffeinated drinks and alcohol. Do not use a straw to avoid dislodging the blood clot. Visit our clinic or call us to book an appointment.

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