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Types of dentists and the treatments they provide

Posted on 4/25/2022 by Spektor Dental
Types of dentists and the treatments they provideGeneral dentist offers regular teeth cleaning and dental exams; they also offer preventive services which maintains proper oral health before a disease holds in the mouth. The regular exams include x-rays. General dentist offers vital services when they find a problem; they ensure treatment is offered on time and help get fixed with procedures that use cosmetics such as teeth whitening. Bonding is offered, general health concerns, some dental issues may reflect issues in other body parts. For example, an untreated oral infection can lead to diabetes. They also give nutritional advice and general health treatment.


Paedodontics or pedodontics mostly deals with dental care of children`s teeth; they are concerned with prevention. They advise proper diet for kids, fluoride, and observing proper oral hygiene. The routine deals with tooth decay; they help influence tooth alignment in children and correct cases of inceptive abnormalities in tooth position. They can use corrective devices such as braces. They are majorly concerned with the prevention of dental diseases in children.


Orthodontists are specialist dentists trained in preventing, diagnosing, and correcting misaligned teeth modification of facial growth. They also help straighten the teeth correct problems brought about by thumb sucking and forms of sleep apnea. They help identify and prevent problems that might arise in the future. They use fixed and detachable dental appliances, for example, bands, braces, and retainers, to improve a patient`s bite. Healthy bites guarantee proper eating, chewing, speaking, and appearance. Orthodontists can treat both children and adults.


Periodontics is a dentist specializing in diagnosing and preventing periodontal disease, which affects the gums and the bone that supports the teeth. Periodontics deals with gum diseases. Treatment begins with non-surgical procedures like root planing, and scaling tools are used to clean the teeth surfaces; if the gum has been destroyed completely, surgery might be done to fix the loose pockets; they also offer bone grafts regenerative procedures, which include reversing lost bones and tissue of the periodontal region and treatments that lead to tissue growth.

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