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How to ensure that my child brushes their teeth daily

Posted on 2/21/2022 by Spektor Dental
How to ensure that my child brushes their teeth dailyBrushing and flossing teeth is important and should be considered a priority for each person. Children need to brush their teeth daily and this will help in keeping germs and bacteria away. However, many children dislike the idea of teeth brushing. There are ways in which you can make teeth brushing an experience that children will love.

Make brushing a fun experience

You can make the child have fun when brushing their teeth. This can be by playing games that will excite the child and it will set the mood for the baby. You can also make brushing fun by singing a song that involves teeth brushing and you can choose to use the toothbrush as a microphone. Ensure that the child is excited when brushing the teeth. Get a toy for the child to play with as you brush their teeth. You can also brush the teeth of the toy to encourage the baby to do so. This will make brushing fun and the child will love brushing.

Let the child copy

Children love feeling like adults so when brushing the teeth ensure that you are brushing your teeth too. This can help since the child will copy whatever you are doing. You can also let the children squeeze toothpaste for themselves. The fact that you allow the child to do some things for themselves gives them a sense of control and independence and they will always look forward to brushing their teeth. You can introduce teeth brushing rewards and this is to encourage the child since they will look forward to brushing their teeth. The rewards that you give the child should be nutritious. Avoid rewarding the child with sweets or even sugary foods since they will harm the teeth.

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