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Everything You Should Know About One-Visit Crowns

Posted on 10/11/2021 by Spektor Dental
Everything You Should Know About One-Visit CrownsThere is no denying that dental crowns are very beneficial when it comes to addressing damaged and worn-down teeth. However, dental restorations can be quite inconvenient and time-consuming. Fortunately, even if you tend to have a busier schedule than most people, you can still enjoy the benefits of dental restorations through choosing one-visit crowns.

What are One-Visit Crowns?

One-visit crowns, or cerec dental crowns as other dentists calls it, are a type of dental crowns which are readily made in one visit. Although they share similar characteristics with traditional dental crowns, one-visit crowns are less-invasive and easier to adjust. In fact, you can avoid the experience of getting messy and gross-tasting impressions if you choose one-visit crowns over other dental crowns. This is because they are generally made through the help of advanced CAD/CAM technology and precise manufacturing processes. One-visit crowns are also more accurate than traditional dental crowns.

The Benefits of One-Visit Crowns

Since they are usually made up of the same materials used for traditional porcelain crowns, one-visit crowns are durable and can look much like your natural teeth. Almost everyone you know will not recognize that you have a one-visit crown installed on your teeth. Although other types of crowns are stronger, one-visit crowns are better than temporary crowns especially in terms of comfort and preventing further tooth decay.

The price of one-visit crowns is comparable to traditional porcelain crowns so there is no need to worry about if they are worth it or not. However, much like with other dental crowns, you will need to address any dental problems that you may have first before you can get any type of crowns. If you are planning to get a dental crown installed, make sure to contact us today for more information on dental restorations.

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