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What Things Can We Add to Your Smile to Make It Look Perfect

Posted on 8/23/2021 by Spektor Dental
What Things Can We Add to Your Smile to Make It Look PerfectMost of the patients we talk to express a desire to have a whiter, brighter, or more perfect smile. We can help you achieve your goals along these lines, as we offer several cosmetic options for enhancing your smile.

Adding Veneers

Veneers represent thin porcelain shells that we attach to the front teeth to improve their appearance. We may use veneers to whiten the looks of the teeth or cover a tooth that features a chip or crack. Veneers can also be used to even out the looks of a crooked smile.

In-Office Whitening

While whitening toothpaste will remove surface stains, your teeth may need more of a whitening boost. That is why you may want to consider an in-office whitening. This tooth bleaching procedure can lighten your teeth several shades lighter and is recommended for anyone who has most, if not all, of their natural health. Anyone who has healthy gums and teeth will benefit from this cosmetic procedure.


We may use bonding to improve the looks of misshapen teeth or teeth that have cracks or chips for a more conservative approach. We may also use bonding to remove the look of hard-to-remove surface stains or to fill in wide gaps in the smile. Bonding does not cause any discomfort and can be performed in one visit. We will apply a resin material to the damaged tooth, cure the material with a special light, and shape the material, so it looks like a natural tooth. We use a conditioning gel to ensure the resin holds and can be applied more easily.

What would you like to do to improve the appearance of your smile? Let us know so we can schedule a consultation for you to see what treatment plan is right for you. Contact us today for further information. We love to see our patients smile.

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