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Pain from Biting is a Symptom of a Tooth Problem

Posted on 8/9/2021 by Spektor Dental
Pain from Biting is a Symptom of a Tooth ProblemOne of the essential functions of our teeth is to bite. When you get pain from biting down, your teeth lose their function as you will not bite or chew properly. Therefore, when you get pain as you bite down, it signifies deeper issues within your gums. Understanding why you feel pain as you bite is vital to your dental health, as it will help you deal with the underlying issues more effectively.

Your Tooth Might Have a Cavity

Cavities caused by tooth decay are known to cause pain and sensitivity while eating. A cavity is a hole or opening in the tooth, which creates a safe environment for bacteria to breed. The bacteria then starts attacking the gums and tissues around the infected tooth, making the area sensitive. Large cavities also allow food particles to get stuck inside them, making chewing a painful affair.

You Might Have a Dental Abscess

The pain in your bite might be caused by pressure on an existing dental abscess or swelling in your gums. A dental abscess is a bacterial infection in the gums which causes it to swell and get sore. When you bite, you might be putting pressure on the abscess, causing it to hurt.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal gum disease is an advanced stage of gum infection where the bacteria have gotten to the gum's tooth roots and deep tissues. The bacteria eat up the tissues holding your tooth roots in place, causing the tooth to come loose. When you bite down, the tooth might move and pressure the infected area around it, causing discomfort.

How to Go About It

A mild toothache should prompt you into taking action before it gets worse. We recommend that you visit our offices to find out the cause of your pain to treat it effectively. For any information regarding dental health, contact us for an appointment.

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