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How Sugar-Free Foods Impact the Health of Your Teeth

Posted on 5/24/2021 by Dr. Wendy Spektor
How Sugar-Free Foods Impact the Health of Your TeethSugary gum and candy is known to take a toll on our teeth. It creates acids and wears away at our enamel, creating a higher risk for tooth decay and other issues. As the health food industry evolves, so do the foods we consume. Sugar is not the only ingredient that can lead to damage. However, do not let the label fool you, while some sugar-free and low sugar foods may be harmful, there are also sugar-free foods that can be good for your teeth.

How Are Sugar-Free Foods Harmful?

There are many sugar-free foods that are not considered healthy. There are also many ingredients in sugar-free and low-sugar foods that may not be good for your teeth. There are a lot of sugar-free products that contain highly acidic preservative and flavors, which contribute to erosion. Additionally, diet soda contains phosphorous and carbonation, which both contribute to enamel damage.

Are Sugar-Free Foods All Bad?

While sugar-free and low sugar foods and drinks may contain ingredients that increase risk for damage to your teeth and enamel, they are not all bad. It remains true that sugar-free and low sugar foods are better alternatives to sugar filled foods in most cases. Although diet sodas contain harmful ingredients, it is true that regular sodas still contain similar ingredients. Sugar-free gum contains xylitol, which has actually been found to fight against tooth decay, however, some research suggests this ingredient may lead to cavities.

The combination of oral hygiene and upkeep is the most important piece of keeping a healthy smile. However, knowing what you're eating and drinking may be helpful in deciding what is the healthiest choice for your teeth and body. If you have questions about oral health, or the foods and drinks that are best, please call our office.

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