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Pros and Cons of Permanent Dentures

Posted on 3/22/2021 by Dr. Wendy Spektor
Pros and Cons of Permanent DenturesIf you have missing teeth due to decay or gum disease or have had a tooth or two surgically removed, dentures are a cost-effective solution. They are made of artificial material but work just like your natural teeth.

Dentures can be either fixed or removable. The temporary ones may require frequent adjustments and may feel wobbly if they are poorly fitted. Consider opting for permanent dentures to transform your smile and feel more confident. Here is a breakdown of the pros and cons of fixed dentures:

Pros of Permanent Dentures

When you are searching for tooth replacement options, you can go for implants, bridges, flippers and dentures. Here is why permanent dentures are a smart choice:

•  They are long-lasting and durable.
•  Permanent dentures can be cleaned inside the mouth, just like regular teeth.
•  They use relatively small implants in the arch, making surgery shorter and the healing time faster.
•  It is easier to eat and speak with fixed dentures than with removable dentures.
•  They are easy to care for.
•  Permanent dentures support facial features and the bone structure for a more youthful look.
•  They maintain the bone structure to prevent the sunken-in appearance of traditional, removable dentures.
•  They use only a few surgically-anchored posts to replace all missing teeth.
•  Permanent dentures help distribute biting force equally to facilitate chewing.

Cons of Permanent Dentures

Permanent dentures are fixed and provide a long-lasting solution. However, they do require a surgical procedure. In rare cases, they may cause inflammation. Here are some cons of fixed dentures:

•  Permanent dentures can lead to irritation and inflammation.
•  Surgery to fix dentures may cause discomfort.
•  Fixed dentures are comparatively more expensive than other tooth replacement alternatives.

The advantages of permanent dentures far exceed its disadvantages. The surgery is typically brief, and dental insurance can help share the cost. If you are looking for tooth replacement options, schedule a visit with us at Spektor Dental by calling us at (425) 247-3629 today.

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