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What To Expect During An Oral Cancer Screening?

Posted on 4/12/2021 by Dr. Wendy Spektor
What To Expect During An Oral Cancer Screening?Oral Cancer Screening is a medical examination performed by us to identify warning signs of oral cancer. This screening assists in understanding early signs of oral cancer. It also helps increase the chance of a person being cured. Our experts perform oral cancer tests during regular dental visits to identify signs of cancer in your mouth. Preliminary oral cancer can be cured if we identify it early.

Oral Cancer Screening Procedure

During an oral cancer screening, our professional look for red and white patches in your mouth. We use our hands to check for any lumps, abrasions, or abnormalities in your mouth that may raise concerns. We also examine the throat and neck to check for the same.

People require additional tests to identify sores in their mouths. There may be various abrasions in the mouth that may not necessarily be cancerous. Our professionals identify sores that are abnormal or could raise concerns. This helps identify early signs of oral cancer.

We use a biopsy procedure to determine whether the results are cancerous or not. It is difficult to identify the abnormalities just by looking into a patient's mouth. This may lead to a cancerous cell left undetected. Oral cancer is generally identified in the early stages with regular screening. This helps with timely treatment.

Tests For Detecting Oral Cancer

When our patients rinse their mouth with the oral cancer screening dye, the cancerous cells will appear blue because of the dye. Our dentists use an oral cancer screening light. The abnormal tissues appear white and the healthy tissue will be darker in shade. These tests are performed by our specialized experts who deal with oral cancer daily.

Connect with us to book your oral cancer screening with our experienced team of dental experts. We are happy to assist you.

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