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Restore Those Pearly Whites With the Right Crown

Posted on 2/22/2021 by Dr. Wendy Spektor
Restore Those Pearly Whites With the Right CrownTimely treatment for various tooth problems helps fix the issue and control it from getting worse. Our professionals try to deliver the right treatment for various dental problems. Whether it is tooth damage, a decay, or an injury, we often recommend dental crowns. Dental crowns not only help to restore your natural pearly white smile but they function just as effectively as your natural tooth. This procedure is non-invasive and our professionals manage to fit it seamlessly in your mouth so you have a perfect set of teeth. These custom-fitted crowns are easy to get used to and protect your oral health.

Simple Pain-Free Procedure

A lot of our patients believe that dental crowns are invasive and painful. This is far from the truth. The procedure, in reality, is minimally invasive and our professionals can get it fitted without causing you any discomfort. The best part about the crown is that your root is still intact and you won't have to worry about your teeth shifting. Custom-fit dental crowns take a few days to get ready so you may need to visit our office a couple of times before you walk out with the perfect set of teeth.

Procedure to Fit Dental Crowns

The first step involves cleaning the area in and around the tooth. Our professionals then carefully inspect the area to ensure there is no swelling or infection. If there is slight swelling, you will need to come back when the swelling subsides.

The next visit would involve using a mold to measure your teeth accurately. What this essentially does is gives us the precise measurement of your teeth so we can craft a crown that fits perfectly. Once the crown is created, it is then fitted into your mouth using a bonding agent. This is a long-lasting solution that helps you smile with confidence. If you want to know more about crowns and whether they are the ideal fit for you, come and visit our professionals for a consultation.

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