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Why Does Cold Wind Make Your Teeth Hurt

Posted on 10/19/2020 by Dr. Wendy Spektor
Why Does Cold Wind Make Your Teeth Hurt You are not alone if your teeth hurt when cold wind hits them. It is far more common than most people think. In fact, The Academy of General Dentistry reports at least forty million adults in the United States report having sensitive teeth. Of those affected, the most common issue they complain about is having severe pain when their teeth are exposed to cold temperatures.

The reason it hurts is the enamel has been eroded to the point that your dentin is exposed. Dentin is much more sensitive than the hardened enamel is. Typically, the dentin becomes exposed when the gums have receded too far. The problem with the dentin being exposed is it contains small tubes which go down to the heart of the tooth and into the pulp. In sensitive teeth, the cold air is able to travel down those tubes to the nerves which in turn cause pain.

How to Help the Symptoms

When brushing too roughly, gums can get to be overly sensitive and can potential recede from the tooth line causing painful sensitivity. Grinding your teeth can cause pain to the jaw and make teeth overly sensitive.

In some cases, whitening toothpastes can use harsh chemicals which wash away too much of the enamel, leaving teeth hypersensitive. This is the same for ingesting too many acidic foods and citric beverages which can also eat away at the protective outer level.

It is important to remember to use brushes with soft bristles and brush with soft motions and less vigorous brushing. When your toothbrush becomes flattened or the bristles are sticking out all over you are brushing too hard.

While utilizing some of the tips in this post, do not forget you can always call our office and ask questions regarding tooth sensitivity. We can direct you to the best mouthwash and toothpaste for your symptoms.

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