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Do You Have a Cracked Tooth?

Posted on 9/7/2020 by Dr. Wendy Spektor
Do You Have a Cracked Tooth?So, you have pain in your mouth but have no idea what might be causing it? Sometimes eating chips or other hard foods can scratch and irritate your gums and in some cases over sensitivity to cold and hot foods can cause pain and discomfort. But if you have pain in your oral cavity and have not experienced either of the two things mentioned, it is entirely possible you have a cracked tooth. The good news is we can treat your cracked tooth and help eliminate your pain.

Pain Symptoms of Cracked Tooth?

Sometimes, it is difficult to locate a cracked tooth because of the variety of symptoms. There can be erratic pain, meaning it comes and goes. It might show up when chewing or because the tooth is cracked, exposing the interior of the tooth, it might show up when there are extreme temperature changes with regard to either food or drink ingested. Because the pain is not a constant and can be dispersed to surrounding tissues it can be difficult to locate and treat appropriately.
The pain associated with a cracked tooth typically occurs when chewing. The pressure put on the tooth as we bite down is incredible and this additional pressure can be causing the tooth to move apart along the fracture. It can range from mild to severe and generally is greater when the bite is released.

There is sometimes swelling along the gumline when a cracked tooth occurs. It may be tender to the touch. This is indicative of an infection of the tooth pulp. This infection could spread to the gums and bone leading to further complications and expensive surgical procedures to correct. If you have intermittent tooth pain and have put off having it looked at it, do not delay and contact so we can assess the situation.

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