Cancer Screening Services

Many medical conditions have been definitively linked to oral health, including diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Your regular dental checkups do more than ensure a healthy, beautiful smile. They may also serve as an early detection warning system, signaling that something is not right with your overall health. That is why we take your blood pressure and perform a thorough visual oral exam at your dental visits.

Identafi 3000 from Trimira

A cordless device about the size of a toothbrush, we use the Identafi to examine suspicious lesions found in the mouth. Various wavelengths of light are used to better illuminate the tissue and examine it for fluorescence. If tissue or lesions lose fluorescence, it is a sign they need further screening and we will refer you to your medical doctor for follow-up.

Oral cancer claims half those diagnosed within five years, but early detection and treatment could increase survivorship. Be sure to choose a dentist who makes oral screening part of your regular preventive care.

Only a biopsy can accurately determine whether cancer is present. Your dentist will refer you to your medical doctor for follow-up if suspicious lesions are noted during your exam.