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Spektor Smile StoreBellevue, Newcastle & Medina, WA

Protect your Bellevue cosmetic dentistry and Bellevue periodontic care results with professional grade products at our in-office Spektor Smile Store. Drop by Spektor Dental to browse a few of our favorites:

  • SuperSmile® professional whitening toothpaste (and many other whitening products)
  • CariFree™ CTx4 Treatment Rinse with xylitol and fluoride neutralizes decay-causing acids, reduces inflammation and helps prevent new cavities
  • Debacterol® canker sore medication offers immediate pain relief and faster healing
  • Ice Chips® and other xylitol candies satisfy a sweet tooth while reducing cavity-causing bacteria and dental plaque. Xylitol is FDA-approved as a natural sweetener and is made from birchwood or corn.
  • Wine Wipes remove red wine stains (tannins) from teeth without interfering with taste.
Fun products for babies and children, too

Need a great baby shower idea or help getting kids to brush? We carry the Baby Banana® infant toothbrush, Crest Spinbrush™ and children’s Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush.

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Spektor Smile Store