4 Questions to ask yourself before getting Cosmetic Dentistry

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It’s easy to look at before and after pictures from top-rated cosmetic dentists in Bellevue and want what you see – a gorgeous smile with bright white, perfectly straight teeth. Thankfully, advancements in cosmetic dentistry make achieving your smile goals possible. But, footing your dental bill or committing to a lengthy dental appointment aren’t the only factors involved in getting a new smile. Today on the blog, Spektor Dental shares four questions to ask yourself before getting cosmetic dentistry so that you can be sure to make the best choice.

  1. What problems do I want to fix?

You may already know what you want to change about your smile. But, it’s helpful to be specific about your smile goals. For instance, maybe a gap between your teeth is what you dislike the most, but you also wouldn’t mind if your teeth were whiter, and perhaps a few other teeth could use some reshaping. Share your smile desires and your priorities. This way, your cosmetic dentist in Bellevue can present options to address your smile concerns. Not sure what needs fixing? Our experienced cosmetic dentist, Dr. Wendy Spektor, makes recommendations based on what you would like to achieve, paired with her experience and keen eye for creating attractive smiles.

  1. What is my budget?

Setting a budget for cosmetic dental treatment is nothing new. However, start with a consultation first so that you have an idea of the costs involved. During the consultation, we provide pre-treatment estimates for you to look over and decide which options best suit your budget. While dental insurance benefits may or may not cover any portion of cosmetic dental work, we offer third-party financing through CareCredit. This financing option allows you to pay for your treatment at  time of service, and then make small monthly payments; sometimes these are interest-free. To learn more about this option, please contact our office or click here.

  1. What is my timeline?

Cosmetic dentistry may take some time, depending on the procedure you choose. While teeth whitening can be done in a single office visit, Invisalign orthodontic treatment may take a year or longer to achieve results. Let your cosmetic dentist know if you have a specific timeline to work with, such as teeth whitening before a wedding. Book your consultation as soon as possible if you want a picture-perfect smile before your special occasion.

  1. Am I ready to maintain my oral health?

Practicing good oral hygiene should be a priority for every smile. But, if you invest money in cosmetic dental treatment, be ready to put forth the effort to practice good oral hygiene daily. Plan on brushing your teeth at least twice a day, flossing daily, and visiting your Medina general dentist twice a year for routine cleanings and checkups. Most dental restorations, such as cosmetic bonding or porcelain veneers, have a long lifespan but won’t last forever. Practicing good oral hygiene may help restorations last longer.

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