5 Tips for finding a New Dentist when you Move

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Whether you just moved to Medina, or are looking to relocate to the Bellevue area, moving is not an easy feat. Settling in at your new place may take some time, but there is one thing you don’t want to delay – finding a new dentist. To help make your transition to a new city less stressful, we are sharing five tips for finding a new dentist when you move.

Tip 1) Get a referral

No matter where you live, professional dental care is important. If you have time to plan your move, ask your current dentist for a recommendation. It might be that your dentist already knows a skilled provider in your new town, or your dentist uses their professional network to recommend a new practitioner for you. If your current dentist is not able to refer you to a new provider where you will be moving, check out our other helpful tips.

Tip 2) Credentials matter

A reputable dentist is going to possess certifications that give their patients confidence in the level of care that they receive. Look for a dentist that is a member of the American Dental Association (ADA), which requires dentists to abide by a code of conduct. Our team of dentists at Spektor Dental are members of the ADA, and the Washington State Dental Association, as well as several other prestigious organizations and dental societies. These credentials mean that our doctors are held to a high standard of care.

Tip 3) Get feedback

When evaluating a potential dentist, it’s important to do your homework. Researching patient reviews can provide information on the services that dentist provides, as well as how the dentist and staff interact with patients, the atmosphere of the office, and other aspects of care.

Tip 4) Think ahead

Life is hectic. You probably don’t want to waste time driving around town to see different providers if you have specialized needs. That means it’s important to find a dentist who can care for you in all aspects of dental health. From general dental care, such as cleanings and checkups, to orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry, Spektor Dental offers a variety of services fit for individuals and families.

Tip 5) Transfer your records

When you find a dentist in your new town, request that your previous dental office transfer your patient file. Your dentist can use these records to get up to speed on your oral health and dental history, making for a seamless transition. Your new dental office, however, still will require that you complete new patient paperwork and a health history form, which is an opportunity for you to update your new contact information, changes to your medical history since your last dental visit, and provide dental insurance information, if you have it.

Comprehensive Dental Care in Bellevue

Moving can be a hassle, but finding a new dentist doesn’t have to be problematic. Follow our tips to help you find the right practice for you and your family. Spektor Dental accepts new patients, and we welcome you to our family. To schedule a consultation, please call (425) 454-1322. We offer general and cosmetic dental services to the areas of Bellevue, Medina and Newcastle.