A Dentist’s View of Emily Blunt’s Teeth

One of the most uncomfortable situations for a dentist is to look at a mouthful of bad dentistry and then have the owner of those teeth ask what we think of their new smile.

Nobody wants to hear that their cosmetic dentist actually made their teeth look less attractive than they were before the procedure, and that goes for movie stars as well as the rest of us. Even though Cher may have enhanced her looks and rebuilt her whole face with the help of dentistry, not everyone gets a good job. (Cher has had her teeth done many times to achieve her now pleasing smile.)

Which leads us to the big question: What did they do to your teeth, Emily Blunt?

emily blunt teeth before and after
Emily Blunt, before vs. after work on her teeth

It appears this beautiful, talented actor (The Devil Wears Prada, Sunshine Cleaning, Adjustment Bureau) had someone redo her smile and the result is overbuilt and not attractive. Now when she smiles — and that’s rare in recent photos — the viewer is struck by her flat, oversized front teeth.

Just go online and Google emily blunt’s teeth and you’ll see an assortment of comments about her  “too-thick veneers.”  Some examples: “Are Emily Blunt’s teeth fake?” “I don’t know why she got veneers, her teeth were perfect for her.” “I love Emily in Devil Wear Prada, but her teeth are quite odd.” “She’s a striking actress who suffers from an unfortunate case of veneeritis.”

This blog post isn’t intended as a rip on a fine actor. Instead, our goal is to ensure that anyone shopping for a cosmetic dentist do some homework before proceeding with a makeover. The last thing you want to do is take the time and spend the money for a failed facial endeavor.

We’re saying that it’s imperative that you find a dentist who can show you their work and, more important, hand you references from patients that you can check out on your own.

By following up on those references — and asking hard questions — you’ll have more confidence when you sit down for your smile makeover.